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26th October '97Touched up the Al Waha site and included an email address for Jane Kadri, the owner.
29th September '97Finally completed the AHS Newsletter.
7th September '97New structure to the AHS Newsletter...
11th August '97We are in the process of adding more pages of the latest AHS Newsletter for Summer 1997!!
4th August '97Updated the Sales List for August...
29th July '97Finally got round to adding a Links Page!
28th July '97There is now a Sales List page on the Al Waha site.
15th March '97Profiles have been added for Narim RASB, Daas and Palubnik!
13th March '97Added the vital stallions and mares pages to the Al Waha site.
13th March '97Take a look at the dates for forthcoming Judging Seminars courtesy of the AHS.
29th February '97The Arab Horse Society goes live!
20th February '97Created the Al Waha Arabian Stud site
21st January '97Hello Arabian Horse lovers... This site is born.
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